Black and White Portrait Photography

Black and white portrait of boy wearing crocs

This picture just makes me smile. He must be about 15 years old now. The father was a gallery owner and described this picture of his little boy as 'Baileyesque' praise indeed!

Nousha Photography have a House Style that I’m sure you’ll have noticed if you’ve spent any time on our website. We create black and white family portraits. It’s a classic, timeless style that keeps it's looks and in fact matures beautifully, like a great Bordeaux wine.

The picture above was from our early days almost 10 years ago.

Two siblings in black and white

Our black and white photography style has evolved since we began Nousha Photography.

In a nutshell, it came from our abiding desire to show real personality in a picture. Black and white removes the distractions of colour, so the portrait is completely focused on your child or your family.

When you look at a black and white photograph you will find it so much easier to read and easier to contemplate the expressions, the emotions, the shape, and every unique feature that makes your little one special.

Black and white portrait photography allows us to create stunning images that will perfectly illustrate your child’s unique character.

Portrait photography with amazing hair

We are frequently asked "why black and white?". We feel that as a medium for a style of photography so often described as cheesy, it suits family portraiture. Black and white ages well, whereas colour just shows it's age. As an example, pick up a copy of Hello Magazine that is 20 years old and I think you may begin to understand what I am trying to say. The bold and bright colour spreads look their age, but not really in a good way. They look old but rarely seem to gain from their age. 

Now look at some of the black and white photographs from the 1950's, Bert Hardy and Cartier Bresson amongst many other great photographers serve as inspiration and are much admired by us at Nousha Photography.

Nousha Photography a Great British Brand

This is what we will show you, but with your children. I hope you can see how the eye and your brain fixes much more rapidly on what matters in a photograph but importantly, by doing so, you go straight to the emotion of the photograph. Aren't they wonderful images? Full of naive pathos, comedy, harmless and charming in every way. 

Baby with beautiful eyes

The Signature Black and White portrait

Our trademark portrait, which no family photoshoot is complete without, is a photograph of your child at his or her most natural. They’re always on the move - I’m sure you’ve noticed! - but this presses the pause button.

It’s not just a photograph; it’s a study. It’s a glimpse into the complexity of your child’s expression that, even in one still picture, is dynamic and layered. We have a lot of parents saying, ‘but he’s not smiling!’, but the more you look, the more you see. Anyone can say cheese to camera, but these pictures strip back the personality that we project and capture all the profound layers that create your little person.

The black and white style lends itself so well to this. With the help of monochrome, there’s no complexity to distract: it’s just your son or daughter. At their most natural.

Acrobat child with black and white stripes

The Acrobat

It’s Black and White

It’s black and white: we choose this style of portrait photography because it’s elegant and beautiful. Simple as that.