Are digital files included with frames?


We consider the digital negatives as separate products for a good reason.

Following your family photoshoot, you will come to your viewing appointment and we hope you will choose to buy some photographs from us.

We sell a variety of framed printed photographs and the digital negatives.

Depending on what size framed images you go for dictates how much retouching is required for that image, if you have a 'Petit' frame the image is only 5 x 7 inches, therefore it follows that the detail visible will be considerably less than that in the biggest printed image we offer approximately 70in x 60in. Hence we adjust the amount of retouching that is required based on the size of the print.

When you buy the digital negative we have to assume that you may have it printed to the biggest size, so we retouch that image to accommodate that size, the work involved in achieving this level of perfection is very time-consuming this is why when you buy only the Digital Negative it is priced accordingly. If, however, you are buying the digital version of a framed image we offer that at a lower price because we are already working on that image.

So in answer to your question, no the Digital Negatives are not included at any time.