Quick fire questions

Yes parents, this blog is about you. Bertie and Isabel you can wait 2 minutes 10 seconds (yes I timed how long it takes to read this blog) as Mummy or Daddy read this post… ready, steady, go!

Décolletage, not too low please!

Décolletage, not too low please!

What do I wear as a parent?

We recommend something you will be able to sit in (short skirts make it difficult for you) Simple clothes such as jeans and a shirt or a loose fitting dress work nicely, nothing too busy. No logos - too much of a distraction. Something that you would usually wear, don’t go out and buy that Gucci off the shoulder number if you won’t be able to swing your little one onto his bottom as he giggles.

Do I need to be in the pictures?

Yes, yes you absolutely do. This is a rare occasion for a professional photographer to get a beautiful family picture and so embrace it!

If you don’t like any of them when you come back to view the photos, then you can discard them. If you have younger children then starting with a family photograph shows them the studio is a safe environment, so do it for them. I can promise you many parents have been photographed and survived!

What should the children wear? See here

Should we bring anything?

Nothing other than a little treat snuck into your bag that we can use as bribery if Bertie decides to choose the shoot to show how independent and strong-willed he can be.

Possibly NOT this!

Possibly NOT this!


We don’t use props but if your child is a little shy then think about having a toy hidden somewhere too. Note the word ‘hidden’ - it’s far better for the child to start without the toy and then have it as back up than have to engage in toy negotiations when you arrive.

What clothes look good in black and white?

Denim looks good, so do white tops with frills or details. Think about the texture, knitted jumpers and dresses with embroidery on a collar or top add depth to the black and white image Don’t wear black, it really will be black in the photos. Go for a navy if you like a darker style. Blues and whites look beautiful, if your child is fair skinned think about going for the blues, if your child has a darker complexion think about the lighter colours.

"The excitement of getting ready" Picture by Margarita

"The excitement of getting ready" Picture by Margarita

Are patterns okay?

If everyone wears patterns then the image becomes very busy and distracts from the face, if there are 5 of you and one is in a patterned dress then that will be fine.

Sometimes patterns can work!

Sometimes patterns can work!

How long will it take?

The shoot takes 40 minutes to an hour, we aim to complete the shoot as quickly as possible as we know little humans have short attention spans.

Why do we have to take off our shoes?

Shoes, however clean and polished they are just don’t look right in a studio (in our opinion.) We shoot barefoot to create a sense of informality. I assure you your feet will not be the focus of the pictures.

What about makeup?

Wear whatever you would usually wear, as a woman I’d say make sure you feel beautiful but keep it subtle so the focus remains on the child.

Do I need to arrive early?

No but please arrive on time, we are usually full at the weekends.

More about preparing for your shoot here