Emergency Socks!


Our new photographer Ola became the latest victim of the Photographers nightmare ‘Hole in sock syndrome’

You may or may not be aware that we ask everyone to remove their shoes and socks in our studio, it’s a great Japanese custom we are very pleased to adopt, it keeps our studio floor very clean and children’s feet can be very cute indeed, especially when they are tiny.

This requires that the photographer remove her shoes as well, Ola began the days shoots, she accompanied her first subjects down to the studio made them comfortable sitting as a group then pushed off her shoes, sat on the floor feet before her. It was only then that she noticed two small but healthy holes in her right sock that grew organically to become a horrific apertures wholly revealing two toes by the end of the day.

She recounted this after the shoot in the office to us all, much to our amusement.

I too have suffered this embarrassing fate, but both my socks had holes in them, the family in the shoot were much too polite to point them out.

So I tell my photographers to check, check and double check all the equipment before a days photographing, that checklist now includes their socks for holes!

We now have emergency hosiery in the photographer’s cupboard.