How Are Our Photo Frames Made? IKEA To Nousha

A small sample of our frame mouldings

A small sample of our frame mouldings


Yes, you read that right, IKEA! It’s where we used to buy our frames and frankly, back then, they were great… Until we opened our printing and framing studio.

What a mistake that was... ;-)

One becomes accustomed to a certain quality in objects for the home and, all those years ago, for me anyway, IKEA was it. I was careful mind you. There is IKEA and there is IKEA: nestled in amongst the hundreds (nay thousands) of product lines they harbour some great design pieces, pieces that I’m convinced will join those much sought-after design classics in years to come.

However, we at Nousha have become such perfectionists, and so demanding on the final finishes of our work, that framing our own prints is the only way to go.

I am in the privileged position of being able to get all my other artworks framed in the same way.

It’s only when you make your own frames, and see the pains a framer goes to in order to get it all right, do you become aware of just what is involved and how meticulous it is.

Nousha’s Framing Process

In the early days when we came up with the idea for a Floating Contact sheet -- small images all floated in the style of the early contact sheet -- this idea was fraught with problems. It was a new idea, so we had to develop the process ourselves.

To float one image in a frame had its own complications, but to do the same with fifty 5x7 prints in one frame was another. We tried… we failed. Many times, but I mean we really failed!

The board, onto which the prints were dry mounted, had to be very slightly short of the edge of the print. The look we wanted was one of a floated manuscript or precious document to really showcase our images as something special. We managed that, but discovered that the amazing art paper we used to print on didn’t like glue.

We had to find a glue that got on well with the paper. Trial and error allowed us the success we were seeking… one success closely followed by another failure!

Floating Frames… Or Not

The dry mounted prints are then mounted to thin foam board which creates the floating effect.

All fifty prints, beautifully aligned inside our shallow box frame, started dropping off overnight. The following morning we were greeted by the horrifying sight of almost all fifty prints in a little pile at the bottom of the frame behind the glass. In the process of falling, most of the prints had managed to get scratched.

We started again, found the glue (another glue) that actually worked with the foam board.

Unique & Quality Frames

This is not framing as we all know it. When you come up with an idea that nobody else is doing, like any new product, there is a development period -- little did we know! But the process was definitely worth it.

We have been making these framed wonders for almost ten years now, with problems I can count on one hand and which are dealt with swiftly and with no fuss. Our aim is to delight you with pictures of your children that are second to none, but also with products you won’t find elsewhere.

Our frames are unique and designed by us to truly showcase your incredible images.