Bringing a pet to your shoot

This dog is definitely smiling

This dog is definitely smiling

Bringing a Pet to Your Shoot

You may think we are barking mad (pun intended) but we positively encourage you to bring the furry member of your family along to your photoshoot at Nousha. Not just the furry ones either... we have photographed dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, hamsters, turtles... one father threatened to bring his pet tiger (which fortunately never happened!).

We get a lot of questions about bringing pets to the studio, so we’ve broken it down to cover all the fundamentals!

Do Pets Usually Behave In The Studio?

Most animals take to the studio very well indeed and I find that, as long as they are with their owners, they are generally completely fine. A lot of them enjoy all the attention and the change of environment -- especially the dogs!

The flash in the studio can shock them to begin with, as it’s something new which they’re unlikely to have come across before. If that’s the case, just firing off the flash whilst chatting to them and stroking and reassuring them usually does the trick.

Do I Need To Get My Pet Ready Too?

We know it can be a lot of work to get kids ready sometimes, let alone your pet too, but it is important that pets are equally prepared for the shoot. Before bringing them in, please please please give them a good grooming! A jolly good brush to rid them of loose hairs would be very much appreciated, after all we all need to look our best for a family photo session. It helps a lot to get the best photos of your whole family.

We also ask that you please come prepared for any little mishaps! We will expect you to clean up if the worst happens, that applies to humans as well as animals! :-)

Can I Bring Any Pet?

You can definitely bring any pet (as long as you let us know!). Dogs tend to handle the studio much better than, say, a cat would. A dog is a biddable animal that wants to please while cats will do what they want, but that’s ok; it just takes a little longer.

At Nousha, we celebrate family however that looks to you and we know that pets of any size and variety can be a really important part of family life.

Whatever happens, we have been extremely successful in shoots that include pets and it helps that we love animals and children. You know what W.C fields said: “Never work with animals or children” -- we do both!