Photographing famous people and their children. Shhhhhhh!

As far as we are aware, this young lady is not yet famous

As far as we are aware, this young lady is not yet famous

Respecting our clients privacy has always been foremost in my mind, very early on Claire and I noted the displeasure that can be caused by using a family’s pictures to promote Nousha Photography without their permission.

Now all of the pictures used on our website and on the walls of the studio are all released for our use. I like to be able to tell customers, hand on heart we will never use their photographs without their consent, I have found that customers are reassured by that guarantee. Adhering to such a strict rule can be really annoying at times when someone very well known comes for a family photo session!

A Royal couple (not British) and their two little boys came in and what a shoot it was! Some sensational pictures.

People of note come to us fairly regularly and as a little company starved of a healthy marketing budget being able to show their pictures publicly, in marketing terms, would be very useful, but breaking our golden rule of silence would have the opposite effect and be detrimental to our business.


I have photographed so many high profile people over the years that it becomes second nature, 20 years of photographing the British Royal Family and almost 10 years before that photographing rock stars, actors and politicians it would take a lot to phase me. Meeting the Rolling Stones (showing my age here), Patti Smith or the Cambridges or the Sussexs might make me wobble a bit, not irretrievably mind you!!!!