Nousha serves you GREAT Coffee!

The Coffee you get at Nousha Photography

Best Coffee in Rome (so far),

I am not an aficionado, I just know what I like and I like my Espresso strong and bitter, I like my Cappuccino creamy and sweet. I am one those that baulk at anyone drinking a Cappuccino in the afternoon, they are for mornings ONLY!


But, you may ask me,  you are French, where on earth did you pick up such stringent requirements for your coffee drinking? Not sure really, a mixture of Italy, France and much travel, I guess.

I had the absolute best coffee I have ever had in Rome here Sant' Eustachio Il Caffè, in a little backwater close to the Pantheon, with few tables inside and outside you are best doing as the locals do and order from the bar, stand watching the Barrista do his work (This Barrista is in uniform) he works his magic from behind the coffee machine, but the workings are hidden from view by a couple of protruding side walls so you are not able to see what he is doing, adds to the mystery I think! They also do a mean hot chocolate.

Stick to what you know

I have been forced to stick to what I know as I have tried new suppliers but been very disappointed.

When we lived in Peckham I was thrilled to hear a roastery was opening so I toddled down to order some, I requested the equivalent of a strong dark Italian roast only to be told that there wasn’t much call for that level of strength in coffee in Peckham...I left downhearted.

More recently I tried again, this time in Devon at a local farmers market. When I asked for my usual the owner told me that Italians really didn’t know what they were doing and suggested his own recommendation, I turned and walked...

coffee shop.jpg

The Great Coffee that we serve at Nousha

From a quite young age, I used to accompany my mum to the most charismatic coffee shop in London, The Camden Coffee Shop on Delancey Street.

When he roasts his beans you can smell it wafting down the street and beyond, and what a heavenly smell it is.


George has been running his eclectic little coffee supply since 1978, I think he took over from his uncle.

Here you can order beans that have just been roasted before your own eyes, you can have them ground to your perfection and filling a brown rectangular coffee bag sealed with a small piece of sellotape, then sealed into a thin plastic bag, neither act as a barrier to the mouthwatering aroma that escapes and fills the whole car as you drive home.

That is where the coffee comes from and that is the coffee you will be served when you come to Nousha Photography.

Come just for the coffee if you must, but come you must :-)