The idea of having a family portrait made us both squirm

We invited Pip to write a blog post for us as her writing made us smile!

Pip Dawes recounts her time at Nousha.


This photo really makes me laugh because both children were mid major tantrum. It’s amazing that they managed to catch us smiling because beneath that happy facade we were shuddering with sheer terror at the chaos Milo and Margot had managed to create in the 40 minutes that we’d been there.


There were grapes, Pombears and blueberries all over the floor of Nousha's pristine white studio and yet the photographer remained super cool, calm and collected, which thankfully helped to put us all at ease. She certainly had all of the tricks up her sleeve to coax our little monsters out of their shells and make them look vaguely angelic, even if it was for a split second, enough to get the shot.

My husband and I are really not into having our photographs taken, the idea of a family photo shoot with us all running through lavender is quite literally our worst nightmare so when we decided that we wanted a photograph it was really important that we chose the right photographer, who we knew would put us at ease. We didn't want a family album, we just wanted to capture this period of our lives, two tiny, very naughty little humans and us.


Whilst the idea of having a family portrait made us both squirm the team at Nousha made us so welcome and didn't raise an eyebrow when our children destroyed the clean, spa-like interiors. We were convinced that there wasn't going to be one decent shot because of the distinct lack of cooperation from our children and we were a little mortified, so when we were invited to preview the photographs we were completely blown away by all of the amazing shots that they had miraculously captured. We could have walked away with our album after all, but more than anything we are so thrilled to have just one photograph of us all together, and it hangs in our hallway and makes me smile and laugh in equal measure every time that I walk past. We don’t have any others of us all because it just never happens, one of us is always holding the camera or the screaming child, so it is such a precious snippet of a time of lives that was a tired, foggy, haze of a toddler and a new baby and yet somehow thanks to the incredible team at Nousha we look polished and together.


The marvels at Nousha have captured both of our children when they were babies and they are quite simply the most beautiful photographs. They make our ugly mugs look the best we could be. They are truly miracle workers and create art out of something very ordinary! I urge anyone who feels inhibited by the idea of a family photograph to put their concerns aside and make an appointment with Nousha, in my humble opinion there is no one better. You simply won't regret having a family photograph, it will quickly become your most treasured possession, I often think that if there was ever a fire I would be running through the flames to rescue these memories.