Awful (but also amusing) pictures.

I ran the viewing appointment with Lucie and Guy and as is always the way in conversation she recounted the story of why they had returned, it was very funny indeed, she generously agreed to write up her experience for me and our blog.

Lucie and her family

Lucie and her family

Nousha Photography

We had our first shoot with Nousha in 2016 when our son Benedict was 7 months old. Fast forward a couple of years we’d had our second child and moved out to a village not far from Guildford.

For some time we had been feeling guilty that whilst Benedict’s portrait hung proudly on the wall we had no framed pictures of our daughter Orla or the four of us as a family. I started researching local photographers but struggled to find anything that was of a similar quality and style to Nousha.

What finally persuaded me to book our second shoot with Nousha was when we received proofs of some ‘professional’ Christmas photographs taken at our children’s nursery. Guy came into the kitchen to find me in absolute hysterics with tears streaming down my face as I couldn’t believe how awful (but also amusing) the pictures were.

Lucie Meagher (4).jpg

Our daughter Orla was stood inside a box holding a giant Christmas bauble with a very confused look on her face whilst her brother stood beside her with what we call his ‘photo smile’! Behind them was a screen with what appeared to be a Christmas scene from the 1980s complete with tree, fireplace and stockings!

Once we managed to stop laughing we contacted Nousha to book an appointment and we are so glad we did. We ended up with some beautiful pictures. The children look relaxed and the photographer also managed to capture their personalities perfectly without the distraction of props or staged scenery. We can’t wait to receive the framed prints!

By the time we are ready to have some more pictures taken we hope Nousha will have opened a Guildford studio but if not we won’t hesitate to visit the team again in Clapham.

Lucie Meagher

Lucie Meagher (5).jpg