A long shoot = more for your money?

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To the uninitiated, a long shoot = value for money when shorter is better.

We keep our photo session as short as possible, under an hour, for a very good reason.

Children! They do not have a very long attention span, they get bored and tired quickly, with that in mind, why oh why would you want to put that child through 3 hours of being photographed?

The simple answer is you wouldn't.

We shoot only in our studio and we work extremely fast, the one tenet we work to is: 'you will only get good pictures if your subject is enjoying herself' voila!

So we entertain, we talk intelligently to your children and ask them to dance sit and not to giggle....(try asking a child not to giggle and see what happens).

Before you know it the session is over and your child is asking for more, surely the best way to leave your photo session?

From that short session, we will show you in the region of 100 excellent images from which we would expect you to like about 30 of them.

Recently I spoke to so many previous customers at the wonderful Northcote road summer fete, quite a few recounted stories of their children asking to return to Nousha!

One passes the studio every day in her car and without fail her daughter asks to come back for another shoot.

So please, when searching out family portraiture, be sure to ask how long the session will be and what photographs you should expect to see.

And remember in this field you get what you pay for, if you want great pictures, expect to pay in excess of £1,000.