50 shades of grey

No not that '50 Shades of Grey! Got your attention though!

baby portrait Nousha Photography

We shoot in Black and White only and our attention to detail and appearance of the millions of shades of grey in your black and white photograph is the difference you will see in a good or a bad black and white print.

Our pictures are shot in the RAW format which means that the pictures are neither colour or black and white they need to be given those attributes that make them a good black and white or colour picture aftewards when processing them on the computer. 

Unlike in the days of film when you chose colour film for colour pictures and black and white film for black and white pictures, nowadays you decide what you want after taking the photographs.

baby portrait Nousha Photography

Some of the most iconic images ever taken are in B&W, admittedly some of those images are black and white because they were taken before colour film was available and there was no choice.

But those photographs have survived the ravages of time very well and look as good if not better now than when they were originally taken.

They have an elegance, not equalled in colour photography in particular when it comes to our subject, family portraiture.

Taking pictures of children has never been treated as a weighty form in the photographic world,

but at least we can try, black and white adds weight and reverence to a strong and powerful portrait of a little person.

Black and White in itself reduces the information we have to take in with our eyes when looking at a picture, we see a minimalist rendition of our child, but what we see is the beauty and naive quality shining through in the photograph.

So why Black and White? Because we love it, it is elegant, it is a medium that suits family portraiture and ages extremely well.

It is simplicity, it is minimalist, it allows emotion and beauty to shine through.

baby portrait Nousha Photography