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September 25, 2017

Anika the Wonderchild

Part of being a photographer at Nousha is not knowing which little person is about to walk through our door and it’s my job to document and pull out all the characteristics of that person and capture all of this on my camera within a very short space of time.

Nousha Photography - Family and children's photographers London.

In August a confident two year old stepped into Nousha and over the next hour I was taken on a little journey of discovery.

Anika told me all about the superhero she will become, how she would be the only superhero wearing pink swimming shorts and how her train was her favourite toy.


Nousha Photography - Family and children's photographers London.

All of these beautiful pieces of information come with emotion and part of why our photographs are so beautiful at Nousha is because whilst Anika is telling me about her dream of becoming a superhero, my mission is to unlock that little giggle, that moment of deep thought about the colour of swimming shorts she must choose to wear as a superhero and the pensive look of calm with the twinkle in her eye.


Nousha Photography - Family and children's photographers London.

A week later whilst Anika’s parents were trying to choose which photographs should go into their mixed size contact frame, her mother described the frame as a ‘Study’ of her daughter.


Nousha Photography - Family and children's photographers London.

And that’s it, that is what we do, that is what I spend every minute in that studio aiming to achieve.


I want to capture not just one expression of the wonderful little person you have created but I want to create a study of your child and to capture all parts of their personality.


This isn’t just a few happy snaps that you’ll enjoy for a year or so, this is art that has captured a moment in your child’s life that you’ll look at for years to come.


So there we have it, the perfect descriptive word for what we do at Nousha.


We create a photographic study of your children.



Wonder-woman-swimsuit.pngArtists impression of Anika's swimming superhero suit

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