Back to school at last ;-)

So that's it, another summer done and dusted, a wonderful holiday had by all, well certainly for the children! I know the feeling, that feeling of calm, back home with the TV remote in one hand and a large glass of Bordeaux in the other, children bathed, a story read, tucked up in bed and now fast asleep. You know you should be meditating and not drinking wine, you know that your babas are lovely and beautiful, but blimey do they exhaust you and how ugly they can be sometimes, stamping of feet, holding of breath until they get what they want.

My children are grown up now but I vividly remember the screaming, red face, tears streaming coupled with, I am sorry to say, snot and dribble all over the place, all of this delightful behaviour in an aircraft cabin. I remember picking up my daughter to rock her in the hope she may calm and as I did so I turned to the back of the aircraft to be welcomed by a sea of faces looking at me in horror at the hours of hell to come...

You could almost read their minds "Children really should not be allowed on planes" "Why don't they have a family section on aircraft" " they've banned smoking on planes why not ban children?" "Now here is an idea, why not give them their own plane?"

Can you imagine a flight devoted to children, the flight crew were qualified Norton nannies and the in-flight entertainment had three channels, CBeebies, 24/7 streaming of Peppa pig episodes the Wombles and the Clangers, that would keep them quiet, actually the cabin would have to be divided into, pre-school, schooling age and a whole section for Teenagers with Mocktails from the bar.

Child portraiture, Nousha Photography

Holidays can be hard work with children. But you are back home now they are happily ensconced back at school, the PlayStation is almost back to normal temperature and the living room has regained some semblance of a grown-up room, almost...

All of this is really part of growing up, for you, not the children, it is the pain of raising these extraordinary creatures, it is your contribution to the continuation of the human race, though sometimes you may well question that!

I know that in the end, you wouldn't have it any other way, they can be a royal p... in the a.. BUT they are your children and they are amazing and you are a family.

Never forget that is what you are, a family, and that is a very strong thing indeed, also never forget that these little adorable terrors are changing from day to day, really they are.

What you see today, this week or this month you will never see again it is lost in time, lost in your family history, soon to be a distant memory recalled only by some pedestrian photographs taken by the pool on holiday or yet another birthday picture blowing out the candles.

Recently, I spent three months putting together a film for my youngest's 21st birthday party, it lasted 20 minutes and was to be shown at the party after dinner, even I struggled to find original material, by that I mean not yet another beach/birthday/party/school play picture or bit of footage.

As you may expect I photographed and filmed my children's every move, but looking back I don't have what we produce at Nousha, I have some pictures that are close but not close enough.

I wish my little company existed when they were little, actually I wish I had taken my early portrait photography training seriously enough to have photographed them in the way that we do at Nousha Photography because now I would have a series of photographs that would eclipse all the holiday snaps I have and there are many thousands of them, I would have images of my three girls that would illustrate their personalities and that I could now look at with amazement.

Even if you don’t use Nousha Photography to get such photographs and you go elsewhere, please try and have some taken, you will thank me, if not next week, but certainly in 20 years time.