Framed or digital images from my session?

The answer is...both. 


Child portraiture Nousha Photography

You have come to us for our expertise you may as well make the most of it!

It's advisable to decide what you want to achieve with the resulting photographs before even setting foot in the studio, this blog post ' Where to put images in your home' has some very useful advice, be prepared to change your mind on seeing the photos!

To date, nobody has been prepared for their own reaction on seeing such emotive pictures of their children. Key things to keep in mind when making your purchases, these pictures are in effect priceless, unrepeatable and unique.

I recall a couple sitting in our viewing room and the mother turning to her husband and saying: "You do realise we are fast approaching spending the value of a small car?"

His reply was perfect: " Yes darling, but a car is a car, these pictures are..." Mother:" yes yes you're right" We carried on!

I guess what I am trying to say to you is these pictures are not just for you, they are for Granny and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, your siblings but almost more importantly they are for your children, not now of course, but later when they are adults and maybe have their own little people.

I know that when I look at pictures of me when I was little the ones that really stand out are not necessarily those featuring cheesy grins but those that hold my interest are those that show me, the real me, the me that is now a grown up.

In short, choose the pictures that you want to display in your home, but think of who would like those pictures as well, consider getting the digital versions of those pictures so you can share them. We have lots of people asking to buy the digital versions of their framed images after they have hung them and Granny has seen them and requested a copy. It works out cheaper to buy the digital version of framed images at the viewing so think ahead!

nousha photography Child portraiture

Buying the 'Digital negatives' is the only way of owning those pictures that you love but don't want to necessarily display in your home, you can have them printed and kept in an album or displayed in a digital frame or as a screensaver on your computer or your smartphone.

Also, think of your social media accounts, publishing them on Facebook, Instagram etc... we would appreciate a link back to our website pleeeeaaaase!

So you see the answer really is "Both" - if you can, you should.