Getting Daddy Involved.

Nousha Photography Child portrait studio

I cannot tell you the number of shoot cancellations we have on a Sunday!

It can be so disheartening to start the day with a full diary only to find that as the day progresses the appointments drop as we receive emails at the last minute cancelling...

Then we look at the sports calendar, you can bet your bottom dollar that if it's the Rugby season then dad will not come if it will interfere with the watching of Rugby, that goes for the the Grand Prix as well oh and the Football.

Nousha Photography Child portrait studio

In all honesty this applies to mums as well during Wimbledon week... I am trying to balance this story!

Nousha Photography Child portrait studio

If you want everyone to be involved a little diary care needs to be practiced.

Nousha Photography Child portrait studio

Please also consider that if you want some good family pictures then if you are still recovering from a liquid dinner party the night before then both of you will much prefer to stay in bed/have a fry-up/ the Rugby, all very understandable!


Nousha Photography Child portrait studio

On the flip side we have had many shoots with just the mum and the children turning up, precisely because of the above.

When both the mum and her husband come to the viewing to select their pictures I have seen fathers visibly crumble at the thought they have missed such a magical moment with their families just because they had a hangover or just couldn't be bothered.

They survive, sure, but they tell me that they have made a mental note to not miss it the next time.

So please please consider this seriously and try to accommodate everyone's needs, this session will result in some extraordinary pictures that you and your children and their children will treasure forever.

Missing it because of a sports fixture shouldn’t really cut it!