How long is a family photo shoot?

We allow up to an hour for your shoot, if it all goes wrong we will stop at the hour and arrange a reshoot which is generally successful, the most re-shoots we have had to do were 4 and that has happened only once in the past eight years.

sibling portrait Nousha Photography

We work fast in the shoot, the aim is to entertain!

Children have short attention spans and get bored very quickly, if our subjects are compliant then we can be done with some sensational photos in the bag in 40 minutes or quicker.

child portrait Nousha Photography
child portrait Nousha Photography

As a photographer this can be really exhausting, to keep anyone's attention for that period is hard work, I felt it to the extreme a couple of weeks ago, a very good customer of ours came with the whole of her extended family - all 17 of them!

I photographed all the groups and the individual family groups in under an hour, they all seemed to enjoy it and our lovely customer was very happy with the pictures:

"It’s not just that the photos are outstanding, which is of course due to your amazing talent, but it is the fun and professionalism that you bring to the experience.  Everyone enjoyed it and for 17 people thats no mean feat"

The reason we will not go beyond the hour is simply that it gets boring and tiring if the shoot is not going well and we feel a reshoot is needed the last thing we want is for the child to remember the studio as an awful place.

child portrait Nousha Photography
child portrait Nousha Photography

But we do persist, a reshoot is a rarity and children can lose it and recover very quickly in our experience, they can get their second wind in no time at all.