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July 06, 2017

Kensington & Chelsea Magazine Feature about Nousha Photography


Kensington and Chelsea, Nousha Photography - family and children's photographers in London.


When Time Stands Still

By Liane Nelson


Founded by husband and wife duo Lionel & Claire Cherruault in 2009, children’s photographic studio Nousha (quirkily named after the couple’s cat) specialises in portraiture which aims to convey the personality and individual beauty of every child.


A personal service with exceptional attention to detail is in place to make sure that your little one will be captured in just the right light.


All post production, printing and framing is handled in-house by the team to ensure the best quality, with a bespoke framing team using traditional techniques and beautiful hand crafted mounts. Nousha doesn’t just deliver a photograph but a memory that can be cherished forever. As Lionel himself says, you’re buying “a one-of-a-kind collection of images of your adored children that could never be repeated.


When you come to think of what we do, in that way, you will understand the joy and the pleasure from such objects of beauty; they are laden with emotion. Your children will change over weeks, months and years, but those glorious naive years will be there for all to see for years and years to come”.



Where to put family and my childrens photographs in my home?

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