Maggie & Rose on Nousha Photography

Nousha Photography family photographer London

One of the things about having lots of kids is the number of photos that you accumulate! With the ease of use of a digital camera we all end up with tens of thousands of images – we recently uploaded all our pics from phones, laptops and camera to a central cloud storage facility and we had 36,000 images! I really noticed the difference in image quality over the years – most are iPhone snapped moments and gone are the days of nice portraits and actually printing out pics! Getting all of my kids in a decent photo for family members is impossible and trying to get myself and Sean into the shot even more so.

Nousha Photography family photographer London

With Christmas coming, pressure from the Grannies and a recommendation from one of our members, we took the plunge and attempted a family portrait session with the team at Nousha.

Having seen all the highly edited flashy images around, Nousha were refreshingly old school – classic B&W shots are their speciality ( and they love kids feet so their shoots will always be barefoot). We headed off to their studio in Battersea [note: we are now in Clapham] my kids are a handful at the best of times and trying to get their pictures taken is like herding cats. I was feeling sorry for Lionel Cherruault, the owner and chief photographer : I half expected to get kicked out pretty much as soon as we got there!

However Lionel was the perfect pro and he handled the motley crew beautifully – matching their energy like for like and wearing them all down into submission! It was all pretty painless and we were in and out in about an hour. He even got the grandparents in (Christmas present done!).

Lionel definitely has the skills for this line of work. having trained in the art of portrait photography, he had the privilege of working for the Royal Family for 20 years (ed: dear reader, please note this has been corrected in the online edition but not the distributed print version, Lionel would like it to be known that he has never worked for the Royal family) Lionel specialised in photographing the British Royal Family during an almost 20 year tenure working on behalf of a number of photographic agencies. The service level that he is now providing at Nousha is excellent… lots of tips and reminders in advance so i didn’t forget to turn up (!) And after the shoot you get a cute little app. sent to you with some teaser shots. You then attend a slideshow, where you love them all and heartbreakingly have to narrow it down and choose which ones you really want.

As with all quality photography sessions, it doesn’t come cheap. People forget how much time it takes to edit the images behind the scenes and to upkeep all the equipment!

Printing and framing is done by hand on site and the quality is gallery standard.

The last time we attempted a family shoot was over 4 years ago. Seeing as though we haven’t managed to get a single picture of us all together since, this was well worth the effort and price to capture the family before our lot gets too old to be photographed with us anymore – and this happens sooner than you think!