Nousha Loves: Canon


Camera camera

The interminable search for the pocketable camera for a photographer such as myself is a never-ending excuse to spend yet more money on toys (photographers terminology for cameras and lenses).

I have been through them all, I have a box full of them, they all still work but just never quite did what was said on the tin…

They were too bulky, too slow to focus, lag on the shutter that meant you always missed the picture, infuriating is an understatement.

My first camera was a Rolleiflex given to me by my father, beautiful camera and perfect for portraits followed by a Pentax Spotmatic then a Nikon F then the F2 and the F3.

Canon was the game changer when they introduced autofocus a lot of very adept fast focusing photographers abilities became redundant.

I have used Canon ever since and we keep up to date on any new Canon cameras as they are released.

In the studio we use the Canon 5DMK4, it is an extraordinary machine.

But when I grab my stuff on leaving the house, I do not take the 5D with me!

So it's wallet, phone, glasses, car keys and my little baby Canon G9XMKII, such snappy names (pun intended!) I've settled on this little thing for a few simple reasons, simple but important.

I could dazzle you with technical terms but I won't I'll try to stick to English.

The G9XMKII (shall we just call it the G9?).

  • It's small and forgettable in your coat pocket.
  • It powers up very fast indeed.
  • Fast focus for something so small
  • It has a comparatively fast lens f2.0-4.9, good for lowish light.
  • It has a little flash, which is fine for the few occasions you will use it.
  • It has all the settings you could possibly need
  • A little optical zoom lens that is rather good.
  • You can shoot your pictures in the RAW format which is very good
  • ISO can be set to 12800 plenty to shoot without flash unless in the really pitch dark.

Just altogether a very nice little pocket toy for most occasions, if you are looking for a little camera like this, stop searching this is it.

Any hope of support in the form of free cameras from Canon was abandoned years ago ;-)