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September 18, 2017

Nousha Loves: Margot Restaurant



Beautifully executed service, friendly but not overbearing, fast and efficient.


Lovely food I wanted everything on the menu, we will be back.


Margot added to my list of greats, and there aren't many on my list.


As a child I was introduced very early on to the wonders of the truly great restaurants in London, Solange, Wheelers, l'Etoile, the Ivy (very different then to what it is now) Margot is reminiscent of those places.


The ambiance is perfect, the noise of fellow diners enjoyment is muted by the table linen, the interior design evokes a period long gone but missed, but what a welcome return.


The owners have put together something very rare and I congratulate them. Their staff are doing it right, bravo, encore !


Margot 2.jpg



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