Oh the stories we hear!

Those of you that hate having pictures taken of themselves will not have been to Nousha Photography!

Even the most nervous of subjects tell us how much they have enjoyed their time in the studio.

Part of achieving this astonishing feat is having the ability to chat you up with our charm and wonderful patter!

Two can play at that game and the children more often than not reply with some wonderful replies.

I recall asking a two-year-old:
"So what is your favourite food?"
to which she replied, very seriously : 
"I like blue" and pointing to my female assistant went on to say: " I think she likes to eat pink" 
It is essential on such occasions to not laugh, this little girl was very serious possibly in a synesthesia kind of way, maybe she really did taste colours...who am I to question it?

Some fine examples follow...

child portrait Nousha Photography

Food is a great subject with children, they know what they like and don't like:

- What do you like eating Oliver? 
- Fish Fingers
- I didn't know they had fingers
- Yes they do, I eat them!


child portrait Nousha Photography

Some answers are completely inexplicable and charming:

- What would you like to be when you grow up Leontine?
- A donkey


child portrait Nousha Photography

Leo - Did you know I'm not that old, but even I get wrinkles!
- I can't see any
- I get them in the bath you know
- What is the best thing about being 9 years old?
- Well, I've accomplished a lot already you know...

child portraits Nousha Photography

Diplomatic quote of the year
- How old are you?
- Three and three quarters
- And what is your favourite thing to do?
-Rosie interrupts-
- He just farts all the time!

child portrait Nousha Photography

- I'm going to invent a time machine
- What colour will it be?
- Blue, you're only allowed to wear shorts inside
- How much does it cost to go in?
- £2025.10p
- Who can use it?
- Only Saskia and me. The password is Machine-ey
- How long will it take to make?
- 1 year and I'll check it works every day
- And what about school? 
- I'll be grown up in a year...