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July 06, 2017

Feature about Nousha Photography in Country & Town House magazine.


 Nousha Photography - family and children's photographers in London.

The essence of Innocence capturing your child’s beauty

By Lucy Cleland, Editor in Chief.



Even though there are moments when the supermarket tantrums, wasted homemade fish pie and obscenely early mornings can threaten to send us prematurely grey, if not to an early grave, we will miss the little darlings when they’re gone. So capture them with more than your iPhone before innocence turns to experience. 


If you want heartbrakingly beautiful pictures of your children to keep forever, look no further than former Royal photographer Lionel Cherruault and his wife Claire’s family portrait studio, Nousha.

There was a sticky moment when Lionel thought that my son Hector was not going to play ball.


Despite his best game playing efforts (and he’s prepared to go as far as he can to get a giggle), the peekaboo, my soothing motherly words, my little blonde mop head just did not like it when the camera flashed and made a loud ‘poof’ sound. He’d screw up his eyes and burst into tears.


My four-year-old daughter on the other hand enjoyed leaping about in front of the camera just a little too much. We had to come back for a second session (Hector ‘got’ it that time) – which can be quite hard to arrange – as Lionel Cherruault, a former royal photographer, and his wife Claire’s photography studio is seriously in demand. And you can see why. Excellence, perfection and quality are at the heart of everything they do from photograph to frame.

The set up is wonderful: they have oodles of space in Battersea  [note: we are now in Clapham] (easy to park) where everything down to the framing is done. They’ll even arrange for someone to come and hang your photographs for you afterwards and the whole process is curiously fun and immensely moving. When you’re invited back to see the results – you sit on a big squishy sofa with a cup of coffee, the TV flicks on and there on the big screen are your children looking so exquisite in forgiving black and white that it makes you want to cry. You will want to buy every photograph, but be ruthless and get that editor instinct out. Lionel can guide you if your lip starts to quiver at the thought of deleting one. Each image is perfection, but there are some that will break your heart.

The Lowdown

Face time
The session in the studio itself lasts a maximum of one hour.


Do I see you again? 
Yes, you do. We invite parents back (without their little ones) ideally a week after the shoot when pictures have been edited and prepared for your viewing session.


When and how do I get my finished product?

Your images will be ready for you to collect or for us to dispatch six weeks after the viewing session.

Price starts from?

The studio session is £250. Framed images and digital negatives start at £180. All products are conservation quality.


0203 8000 292 ;



Our little Family portrait studio in London was reviewed in Tatler magazine!



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