Our shiny new website

Its been a long time a coming, but here it is, dada,  our new website. Not designed by some sparkly Supa Dupa agency but designed and written by us and only us (you may see the cracks and imperfections)
Believe us when we say our heart and soul is built into this little masterpiece! Well, we think so anyway.


We have spent much time going into the detail of what we do at Nousha Photography and attempting to explain what you should expect from a visit to our studio.

If you are planning a visit for the first time may I encourage you to have a good read as there is plenty of that available on the new site.
If you are thinking about returning a couple of years after your last family photoshoot, then for you too there is something new to see.


It would make me happy if you could take 5 minutes out of your day to watch the film made about us.
A worthwhile  read is our blog that is highly informative as well as quite entertaining it includes Ravioli making and our favourite restaurants; we would love to hear from you, either to congratulate us on what an excellent job we have done or to grumble, either are welcome, if you have any suggestions even better!, write to me at lionel@nousha.co.uk.

Thank you, Lionel