Quote of the week


'I want to be a fireman and a policeman'

Photographer - 'What does a policeman do?'

'Takes people away if they're naughty'

Photographer -'Where do they take them?'

'To jail where they eat cold porridge'


We ask all our customers if they will allow us to use their pictures in (on our blog? dunno) our blog, if they say no we rigorously follow their instruction.

Very sadly that means I cannot show you some pretty sensational images! 

Some years ago I did a shoot with two siblings, from memory they were about 5 years old and three, there was one picture of the little girl that was one ofthe most extraordinary pictures I have ever taken.

I could try and explain to you how so very beautiful, elegant and moving this pictures was, but I am sorry to say words are not enough, unless I show it to you! like I said that will never happen...

I begged the father to allow me to use it on our website, framed large in the studio... the answer, always, was a very definite NO!

On this occasion, the picture is most definitely worth a thousand words.

During the shoot we like to chat to the children and find out what they like and dislike, small talk really, sometimes we hear some wonderful things in the studio.

A 9-year-old girl : "Why don't you just put your camera down and become a comedian?" 

A 9 year old boy: "Are you the Queen of England? Only the Queen says blimey!"

A 10 year old girl: "I think you should have a choir of angels fly from the sky every time you take a beautiful photo!'