Retouching images, what's possible?

When it comes to retouching, our philosophy at Nousha is less is more

Retouching = Photoshopping

Yes, that brand name is now a verb (you know you've made it when your company name becomes a verb). We often get asked 'Can you Photoshop that? ' and the answer is usually yes.

But stop! Do you really want to lose all those bruises on your little boy's legs? We can get rid of all of them for you, but ask yourself the following: 'Is this not illustrative of him at this age?'  Do you want to remember him at the age of 7 as this pristine, bruise-less, perfect hair, ironed clothes to perfection Boden model?

My answer would be 'no' leave him as he is, this is him! The cheeky ragamuffin that he is.

child photograph

Our poster boy Oliver just wouldn't look as captivating if his hair were absolutely perfect.

Please don't get me wrong, we will retouch whatever you want, but it's worth giving the alternative a chance...

Child Photograph

We could easily tuck this little boys shirt in if we wanted to, but actually we think it makes the photo more charming, and realistic!

We can do most things in retouching, if your top is a little too low, we can cover you up a little more, if your waist is not as perfect as you may wish we can apply some virtual corrective surgery to it and smooth it out for you, completely painless and all included in the price!

child portrait
child portrait

Playground scrapes can be easily removed, if you are worried though then send us a snap of your child before the shoot and we can confirm whether its a job for Photoshop or if it's better waiting a few weeks! 

Spots, scars, bruises, excess hairiness can all be corrected.

But we adopt a sympathetic approach to retouching, if we were to blindly remove or correct everything you would end up looking Barbie-like and very unnatural indeed, in fact almost unrecognisable, so we will leave a few imperfections, just to keep you looking human!

Bags under the eyes, complexion, wispy hair can also be adjusted, we will make you look at your best!

Imagine the best night's sleep, just back from your hols, looking great without so much as a hint of a diet or even a good night's sleep (though that is recommended) and thats what we aim for. 

We won't retouch anything before you come to your viewing appointment, it is there that you can look at your images on the big screen and discuss what may need doing. 

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