Should I bring my child's favourite toy?

Nousha Photography family photographer London

Nousha Photography is still in its infancy it's 2009, the collapse of Northern Rock is still a vivid memory, we are running Nousha Photography in our home, a glorious Georgian Villa in the 'Hood' that is Peckham South East London.

I have 'Henry' about 5 years old, in the studio with his parents, we are doing reasonably well picturewise but just not well enough. Outside the door to the studio I had a beautiful gold leaf display cabinet filled with my collection of Dinky toys from my youth. In amongst that collection was a gleaming red fire engine that Henry had expressed a very serious interest in on arrival.

What a good idea I thought to myself, I will pull the red fire engine out of the cabinet and offer a supervised 30-second play with it in exchange for good behaviour during the rest of the shoot. Well, that deal lasted all of those 30 seconds, would Henry let go of my prized Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender? Well no he wouldn't...(understandably). Tears and stamping of feet ensued, the shoot was over.

Never again!

It is a good idea to bring your child's favourite teddy, soft toy, doll, doudou, blanket etc... BUT (and I really mean this!) - this item is to accompany them as comfort only and not to feature in the pictures.

Toys and stuff just look messy in the shoot, I see so many pictures of children with brightly coloured plastic balls and toys etc... It seems a great shame when the pictures should be about them, alone and not with these things.

So, in short, the answer to the title question is an unequivocal 'yes' and 'no'!