Should we bring pets to our family photo shoot?

Oooooh yes indeed! We positively encourage it.Cats, dogs, gerbils, rats, we've photographed all the (small) animals you can think of in our studio.

Child and animal portraiture Nousha Photography

Someone is bringing a snake soon, we did ask how big the snake was and if it was venomous... Health & Safety you know!One little boy insisted on bringing his cat, he was autistic and the reassurance of the company of his adored cat allowed for some great pictures.

Child portraiture Nousha Photography

Some dogs are enormous, bigger than the children, so a set of pictures with a little child sitting next to a ginormous animal makes for good photographs.All in all bringing pets is a good thing.

Please be prepared for the worst though and bring poo bags and stuff to clear up any accidents, we will sanitise the area afterwards but you will be expected to clean up after your animals and dispose of the goods...Nervous pets may not appreciate the studio, the flashing lights and the unfamiliar noises, when the flash goes off it emits a kind of popping noise which from experience can freak some animals out.

Child and family and animal portraiture Nousha Photography

Whatever, it is worth bringing them to give it a go, your animals are, after all, part of the family, we're game if you are - just be prepared that they might steal the show!

(the studio floor is disinfected after shoots with animals)