Studio or outdoor photographer in London?

As you’ve probably worked out by now we only shoot our pictures in our studio. There are a number of reasons behind that, some business driven but mainly because of our very precise approach to the shoot.


siblings portrait Nousha Photography

By remaining in the studio we can complete many more shoots in one day, purely and simply, as London family portrait photographers if we had to trudge far and wide to do our shoots we would at best manage 2 to 3 shoots a day, we would also have to deal with the vagaries of the British weather and London parking - not a recipe for success!

 I don’t need to tell you as a parent that children at pretty much any age have a relatively short attention span, it is not uncommon for non-studio photographers to boast of a three-hour session, we limit our shoots to one hour (if we don’t succeed we will try again).

From experience, one hour is plenty time, even sometimes too long.

We work very fast in the studio, given the child or children are compliant we can be done in 20 minutes. 

child portrait Nousha Photography

We have a number of things we do and get you to do during the session that enables us to get the pictures we want, they are best described as setups, we put you in this particular setup and let you get on with it and see what happens, these are not static setups, we are not backwards in comnig forward, you will not find our photographers hovering quietly snapping away!

We encourage some pretty exhausting gymnastics that will involve you the parents, the result is usually lots of laughter and a great deal of fun, most families tell us they really enjoy the shoot.

Think of the setups as starting points, “stand there and do this” most of the setups are accompanied by a conversation with your child that will, as a rule, elicit a giggle or depending on what we ask or say the desired expression.

Our conversation varies according to your child's age, most of our photographers baby vocabulary comes from my own that I used with my three girls when they were little, it has to be said that blowing a raspberry is an extremely important tool in our repertoire but we have many more!

child portrait Nousha Photography

It is really important that all the gubbins (lighting, camera etc...) that is a photographic studio becomes unimportant to the event, the most important relationship during the shoot is the photographer and their subject, the lighting and the camera should be secondary, in fact invisible.

We only shoot in the studio because we know what we will get, it is under controlled and safe conditions and we can get our work done at speed but well, we have heard of children asking their parents to go back for another shoot months later because they had so much fun.

Even parents tell us they were surprised at how much they enjoyed it and especially how much they were not looking forward to the session beforehand.

child portrait Nousha Photography

Another very important reason for shooting solely in the studio is because the resulting pictures are completely unencumbered by distraction in the background, our background is white and turns to a light shade of grey as we don't light it.

Our interest is to produce images that illustrate your children as they are, (little people) showing the whole range of their facial expressions, their movement and how they hold themselves, their relationship with their siblings. It all makes for a comfortable environment for them to feel the confidence to be themselves.

Outdoors or at home pictures have their place without a doubt and some photographers produce some mighty fine material.

child portrait Nousha Photography

I guess you would expect me to suggest you come to us for your session rather than a photographer that will take the pictures outside, you may think that the outside pictures would be more natural, but if your interest is to depict your children in the most beautiful way, to capture them at this precise moment forever for you to remember them as they were in twenty years from now, take it from me your black & white images from Nousha Photography will stand the test of time and frankly will grow more elegant with time.

Most importantly those images will have recorded your children as the extraordinary little beings they are.


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