Sweet Old Witch Cicely

child portrait Nousha Photography


With it being Halloween this weekend we felt we should introduce you to four-year-old Cicely.

That'll be Cicely the Witch no less!

This week in the studio, our photographer Tilly discovered that not only was she photographing a giggly little girl, but this four year old (according to Cicely herself) was in fact 67 years old already! 
Tilly made a mental note to ask for the ageing cream she uses but forgot...

Cicely, between giggles, began to explain about how she was actually a real witch.

Being 67 years old she has to eat a lot of sweeties in order to be a good witch and when it comes to her choice of outfit, “poop” her first choice.

Tilly also discovered that Cicely owns a rather fancy broomstick that can whisk her away into the clouds whilst at the same time feeding her sweets.

Cicely believes the best thing about being 4 is that she can now reach the sweetie cupboard, important stuff...

Cicely kindly informed Tilly that she was going to become a frog which would then develop into being a frog poop.

Thank you Cicely, we would prefer it if you would allow Tilly to remain a Photographer!