The BIG Picture Effect

When a customer turns to me at a viewing appointment and asks what size framed picture should they go for, you are doomed…

My reply is always. GO BIG!

big frame Nousha Photography

I am a photographer, after all, we are a breed apart, we love big pictures, ask any photographer if he/she likes to see his images printed really small, I can guarantee the answer will be a resounding NO!

I think this comes from my early days photographing the Royals for magazines around the word, the ultimate publication was always to have a big spread in a magazine, a double page or a cover, none of those awful tidly quarter page publications! Way too small...


Some of my covers

Some of my covers

But actually, more than my past being the reason for the BIG picture fanaticism, I have noticed something else, which is very interesting.

During your viewing, we will compare similar images in the same way we do for your initial edit, we try and lead you by the hand in a sympathetic way through this process, as it can be very taxing, tiring and usually rather emotive.

'Picture Editors' exist for a reason you will honestly need our help, I am not bragging here, we will genuinely point you in the right direction, it is in my interest that you leave with supremely exceptional photographs.

But something I have noticed many times over the years, is when you will have reached 'that' point, when having to make yet another decision about which picture is best and you just think it is impossible to make another decision and frankly you've had enough and a glass of wine would be a relief, right now!




You have now become so mercenary in your decisions, you are deleting pictures you loved half an hour ago just to get the numbers down.

Finally, you will have 30 to 40 images that you are left with that you just love.

I will display them on one screen, of course doing that makes them very small indeed.

So what happens? You are looking at still too many pictures but looking at them so small on one screen you decide to prune them a little further...

BUT, I fear you may well regret this!

From now on every picture you choose to ditch, when shown full screen again will become very difficult to get rid of.

child portrait Nousha Photography


It is, in fact, all in the detail.

I am forever worrying that our customers should not select dull and pedestrian 'happy smiley' photographs, this is the perfect moment to demonstrate the difference you will experience coming to Nousha Photography.

When you see the image full screen, you experience the true beauty of what we do, actually, you experience the true beauty and handsomeness of your child.

So often when you see the photograph 'big' you choose to keep the picture in your selection!

child portrait Nousha Photography

We will be at pains to help you see what we see in the subtlety of expression, the smiling eyes on what is a serious face, a hint of shyness, a coquettish smile but more than anything you will see your child, composed, serenely self-possessed and free from agitation, something, I think you will agree, most parents just never see.

We want to unmask your child to see what lies beneath and that only happens in a human being when they feel comfortable and when they trust their surroundings.

That is what we create for your session.

I cannot conceive why you would choose to have your photographs printed any smaller than our 'Really Big' size.

If you don't have the space for it at home...move :-)