What's involved in the editing process?

The word edit now covers all manner of things when related to photography or film, it now describes pretty much every stage of preparation prior to being ready to show to the public, ie you. We shoot a lot of photographs in your family photoshoot - probably about 500 - so we have to reduce the number we will show you.

First, we run through all the images one by one and selecting those that have nothing wrong with them, then we look at the images as groups of similar photos pull out those that are very similar and decide which is best.. 

We look for sequences, little picture stories that we construct from the photographs, we keep those that illustrate the picture stories best and get rid of the rest.

The edit, child portraits, Nousha Photography

We look for strong portraits to show the whole gamut of expressions. By now we are left within the region of 300 photographs, still too many!  The aim is to show you the crème de la crème.

We now go through the similar images in pairs, now comes the really tortuous bit. Every picture has to be considered following these criteria, do I like it? Will they like it? Even if I don't like it is this a good picture? I like it but will they? This picture is very difficult to understand but it is great, I will keep it. Eventually, we are left with a top selection of images in the region of 100 this can take up to 2 hours.

Child portraits Nousha Photography