The fantastic twins

child portrait Nousha Photography

We exhibit at a number of summer fairs every year and this year we were at the Marylebone Village Summer Fayre, Claire and I try and always spend some time at the fairs to see how things are going...

We parked up in one of the adjoining streets and made our way to our stand walking up Marylebone High Street.

It really is a lovely event with no end of potential shopping and browsing to be done! BUT we were there for a reason, as we made our way up the street I could see in the distance two tiny children with massive hair sitting on the pavement playing.

To a photographer's eye, those two were like manna from heaven, the parents were not immediately obviously nearby so we walked on to the stand.

Having visited our stand, photographed a few people with our highly desirable 'Nousha balloons' we made our way back to the car.

There they were! The twins, AND very importantly they had one of our balloons each!

This time their parents were very much in evidence, I couldn't not know what they say, "don't ask, don't get!"

So I sauntered up to their father and asked permission to photograph the children.

He and his wife consulted and decided I looked like a fairly reputable kind of chap and agreed, so I posed these two characters up as best I could in the middle of the High Street and started banging away pictures with my little pocket Canon camera, they were, lively, to say the least...

Happily, I managed to get a couple of usable ones in the bag, thanked the twins and their parents and we made our way home.


Nousha Photography

Very very sadly I wasn't around when they eventually did come in for a photo session at the studio in Clapham as I would have loooooved to do the session, our Studio manager/ Photographer Tilly did the session and very much did pictures to be proud of. I think she was also rather charmed but equally exhausted by the twins as she described the shoot in a rather typically British understated manner as 'Wonderful, but rather interesting"

See for yourself what good looking children they are!


UPDATE: We invited them back to the studio to be the stars of our Nousha film so I finally got the chance to take some photos of them too.