The invisible camera

Excuse me, when are you going to take my picture?

A 5 year old girl gave me the compliment of my career this weekend and the best part is she didn't even realise. 32 minutes into our shoot Lilah interrupted our discussion about becoming a superhero called Seb or Mr Hippo to ask, 'excuse me, when are you going to take my picture?' The comment so out of the blue surprised me so much that I actually put down the camera and had to ask, what do you mean? Her response, 'Mummy said you're going to take my picture and so when are you going to take it?' I had already taken over 300 beautiful photographs yet Lilah hadn't realised. 

child portrait Nousha Photography

When Lionel trained me I remember him explaining to me that the camera was just an object in my hand that needed to become invisible, that the relationship with the child and the person I was photographing was what I needed to master. When I'm in the studio I'm not just taking aimless shots of a giggling child, I'm really looking, I'm really connecting and I really do know what I'm doing. I apologise for the over use of the word 'really' but it's something I'm passionate about. ( yes I almost just said really passionate!)


child portrait Nousha Photography

When Lilah came with her family for the shoot she didn't see the camera, she wasn't told to smile but instead had so much fun that, as Lionel put it, "the camera became invisible." So the secret is out, when you parents sit in our viewing room and say, 'you've managed to capture his personality...but how?' Now you know.