The story of Oliver, our poster boy.

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Oliver Oliver! (from the film ‘Oliver’ there's an earworm for you)

From the very beginning we never anticipated nor did we search out just one image that illustrated Nousha Photography, in fact, we didn't really like the idea because it felt a little too corporate for us!

But as is the way with these things our house style emerged over the years and people loved it, we were providing people with very different family portraiture, shall we call it a more considered approach.

Every time we display Oliver's photo at an event people are drawn to it from across a crowded field/busy high street/Olympia exhibition hall and we get so many compliments.

Our pictures have the intention of giving you a 'study' of your children, not 'happy snaps'.

When you come to us you will see what I mean we will show you all aspects of your child's personality in photos.


Oliver popped into the studio recently to check out the big photo of him in reception.

Oliver popped into the studio recently to check out the big photo of him in reception.

Oliver first came for a shoot with his family when he was about 4 years old, that is the picture most people associate with Nousha Photography, it's great because it has all the attributes we like to show in pictures of little people, it has pathos, humour and a lot of attitude.

I love this picture and though I was reluctant to adopt it as THE Nousha Photography picture it has sort of fallen into place all of its own accord.

We have other 'Hero' pictures but none quite as good as the Oliver photograph.

Oliver's family have been back for another shoot since and throughout have been more than generous in allowing us to make their son our 'Hero' picture par excellence.

I have tried to find another, so far unsuccessfully... So if you think your child could be the future face of Nousha Photography then please arrange a shoot, you never know!

An autograph from the star

An autograph from the star!