What to think about when booking

Child portraiture Nousha Photography

Is, what is the best time of day for your children? Trust me I'm a photographer...we find ourselves in the unusual position of seeing many thousands of families with their children, a pattern emerges. We try to convince parents to stick to this one (and only) rule.

If your child is no longer dependant on naps during the day then come in the afternoon, otherwise, come in the morning.

In our experience, little children perform way better in the studio in the morning and the older ones are still able to perform well in the afternoon.

It should go without saying that children are not going to be in the best mood for having their portraits taken if they have just been woken up from a nap, or have missed their usual meal time. 

There are no other rules.

Child Portraiture Nousha Photography

We also see decisions being made on best time for family shoots based on the best time for the parents trying to fit it around their busy weekend schedules. This is a mistake. If you want truly beautiful photographs of your children that you will treasure for ever then a little planning is needed. 

If you want your little people to be on their best behaviour and you want to give us the very best chance of us getting some brilliant images then please bow to their requirements, not yours.

Simply put, choose the best time of day for them, not you, and follow the 1st (only) rule.