Very English Scandal

Image courtesy of the Radio Times

Image courtesy of the Radio Times


We have been watching and very much enjoying 'A Very English Scandal' on the BBC, starring a very impressive Hugh Grant and equally remarkable Ben Whishaw.

'A Very English Scandal' centres around British MP and leader of the Liberal party Jeremy Thorpe (Hugh Grant) who was tried and acquitted of plotting to murder his former lover Norman Scott.

I only mention this because as a very young photographer, 18 years old to be precise, I was working at Camera Press at the time and they received a call from the London bureau of 'Der Spiegel' the German equivalent of Time magazine with a commission for me.

They gave stringent instructions that I was to tell nobody of my whereabouts and that I was to be at their office at 11 am sharp with a camera and studio lights. I would only be told then what or who I was to be photographing.
Our office was a five-minute walk from Russell Square to Museum Street in Bloomsbury. I arrived, as instructed at 11 am sharp the following day.
I was shown into the interview room and given a few minutes to set up.

Then they told me, I was to photograph an exclusive interview with Andrew Newton, the gunman that had been hired to shoot Norman Scott, Jeremy Thorpe's lover. He managed to shoot and kill the poor the dog but no his intended target Norman Scott...

Anyway, it was wildly exciting for little me and not only did I get a good showing in Der Spiegel but a couple of spreads in the Daily Mirror and the Evening News.
Worth a watch, if only to see this guy Andrew Newton turn out to be a comedy hitman.