We weren’t in the market for some portraits


We weren’t in the market for some portraits -

We love our children dearly but reckon that we already spend enough on them.

However my wife won a free photo shoot and print with NOUSHA, and then one thing led to another...


We have just hung 8 of their medium and medium large portraits in our home and don’t resent a single penny we spent.

I was somewhat apprehensive of how the photo shoot would go with our 4 little ones.

We started with all 6 of us, and were immediately put at ease by the worlds most enthusiastic photographer

Soon we parents were dispatched and the kids had their own session. 

They came back happy and radiant, but it was only when we saw the first cut that we realised how much fun they had had.


I don’t know she (the photographer) keeps the energy levels up. The problem with this high quality of photography is how to jettison. 

All the initial hundred photos presented to us were amazing, so the task was daunting. 

Luckily for us, the staff are willing to offer opinion and that certainly made it easier. 


After an hour or so, we had it all decided. 6 amazing pictures selected for production. 

The problems then started: over the rest of the weekend we kept on thinking of the photos that we hadn’t taken - how could we not choose this and that one.

So patiently Lionel agreed to let us back in for another review and we chose another 4.

The end result is truly fantastic - a timeless reminder of our children seen through a unique lens. Only issue - should we have chosen more...

Nick Steele

Judge for yourself, below are the Steele’s final selection from which they chose images to be printed and framed. I couldn’t write such an honest review of what we do here, so thank you, Lionel Cherruault