What a difference a day makes or 5 years.

How can I convince you of how important it is to record these important changes, the natural evolution of your babies?

siblings portraits Nousha Photography

See what a difference 5 years makes?

I mean honestly, please look at what Claire and I have put together, these are pictures of children that came in November 2012 and when they returned July 2017, 5 years had elapsed, when they first came they were 3,6 and 8 years old, now 8,11 and 13 years.

Based on their previous record when they return again they will be 13,16 and 18!

child portraits Nousha Photography

In all honesty, I have wanted to show this comparison for years but just never got around to doing it properly and I am very sorry to say that I have bored our potential customers rigid with this argument but never had an actual example to prove it, well here it is!

We surprised ourselves actually when we both looked at the pictures on screen we were both quite taken aback at quite how much these children had changed.

child portraits Nousha Photography
child portraits Nousha Photography

Be honest, were I not telling you these are the same children would you have guessed?

If you were to put them in a Police identity parade (I doubt we'll ever have to!) would you be able to tell?

I think I would probably be able to identify the eldest, but the other two much less likely and as for the younger sister most definitely not, in my opinion, she has changed beyond recognition.

child portraits Nousha Photography
child portraits Nousha Photography

What is so striking apart from the change of hair colour, is the noticeable loss of puppy fat, the sculpting of the chins and the cheeks.

Claire pointed out that the eldest, even at the young age of 13, you could already see her as she would appear as a young woman.


child portraits Nousha Photography

The children's posture is different as well, see the confidence with which they hold themselves as compared to when they were younger, I find all this fascinating, it borders on the anthropological, but then why not? These are studies of your children, they will last pretty much forever.

Are you convinced yet?

Please be convinced, even if you choose to go to another studio or photographer, just please please please get these pictures done.

When your children are 21, 28 and 30 years old as mine are you will kick yourself really hard for not having them done, and, I am sorry to say you will deserve it!

child portraits Nousha Photography