What is Christmas?

Photographer: "What is Christmas?"

Lucas: "It's Jesus' birthday."

Photographer: "What do you do for his birthday?"

Lucas: "He has a cake with candles and we have a party. I also open presents."

Photographer: "Does Jesus get a present."

Lucas: "Yes I'm going to buy him a big round coconut!"

Photographer: "A coconut?!!"

Lucas: "Yes, and a banana."


Photographer: "How old is Jesus going to be this year?"Lucas: "Two hundred."


Ice Cream Man

Lucas: "I'm going to be an ice cream man."

Photographer: "And how much will an ice cream cost?"

Lucas: "£200!!"

Photographer: "£200?! What are they made from?!"

Lucas: "Gold. And my shop will be called Mr Ice Cream Metal."


We have pink ponies and lions

Freya: "In our farmhouse we have lots of animals."

Photographer: "What type of animals?"

Freya: "We have pink ponies and lions."

Photographer: "Lions?! Do they not eat you?"

Freya: "They eat the sweeties from the cupboards."