Is there a best age?

Really there is only one rule for us at Nousha Photography and that is your child should be able to sit unaided, usually around 5 or 6 months, why you may ask? Your sweet-smelling little new bundle of wonder (your baby) has not yet developed the necessary facial muscles to express itself in the manner we would like.

That smile you eagerly await, is, I am sorry to say just wind, that probably goes for the grumpy expression as well! Anyway, that's what I was told by the sister on the maternity ward at UCH when my sprogalumps were little.

Child portraiture Nousha Photography

When you come to us for a photo session we want to capture the full range of expressions on your child's face, not just a smile. The self-confidence that a child finds itself imbued with once it can sit alone without a supporting hand is palpable, certainly from our perspective.

We will entertain your child in order to extract all those wonderful expressions that make it the individual it is, we think of our subjects in an anthropological way, they are subjects worthy of study and we will show you the results in a most beautiful pictorial way unlike anyone else.

When asked this question, I reply: "until your baby is able to sit up without you holding her, she is simply a very very cute bag of potatoes" I don't mean this disparagingly at all, as a photographer when they are so little there are really only three pictures I can do:

1. Being held by the parents

2. Lying on its back

3. Directly above the baby looking down

None of which are great pictures that truly show the personality and character of your little person, these are great pictures to do yourself at home and then come to us when the baby is a little bit older.

There are photographers that do a roaring trade in pictures of babies sitting in plant pots if they can succeed then good luck to them and if that is what you are looking for then Nousha Photography is not the place for you! Now when it comes to an upper age limit there really isn't one - even when they are in their twenties they are still your babies after all.