Where to put portrait photographs in your home?

Where do I begin?

First and foremost you should understand that Nousha Photography does not produce sugar coated imagery we just don’t think that kind of photography belongs on your walls.

A set of nine Very Small

A set of nine Very Small

We will show you photos that will stun and amaze because of their tenderness, their wit, and beauty.

We find that our photos live in:


Kitchens (in the dining area mostly)




And sometimes in the living room.

We are more than happy to advise you on where to put pictures especially at the viewing appointment. We have seen some fantastic installations in our time, but you need to decide what you really want before you get to us for the viewing.

We will show you sequences that work as picture stories, what I mean by that is maybe a triptych that you would hang together on the horizontal, look at our frame sizes on the price list this will assist you in your measurements.

Select a wall that is screaming out for some strong images and measure the whole wall, a typical London Victorian hallway can take up to 5 small framed photos in one line but you could choose to put 3 lines of three framed photos, up to you, or 3-4 medium, or even 2 Large.

Just remember that typically you need to allow about 2-3 cms between each frame and that you must never squeeze them in, always allow for breathing space either side of the last pictures in a row, think of a group of pictures as one enormous frame, you wouldn’t butt it up against the adjoining wall!


Our Big frame

Our Big frame

I know it is difficult to decide having not seen the pictures yet but please try to be prepared, our lovely clients (you) are, as a rule, overwhelmed by the number of great photos we show you.

We also understand that covering your house with our pictures of your children is unreasonable (never understood why!) so it comes down to how many and where is acceptable.

Normally you will find at least two or three really jaw-dropping portraits that are just ‘Art pieces’ that deserve to be big, they can hang alone or if siblings then together as a set, but also they don’t need to be together, they are individuals after all, and hanging their really strong portraits in different parts of the house really works.


A floating contact sheet with 5x7 inch images

A floating contact sheet with 5x7 inch images

A great number of people go for the Floating Contact Sheets with up to 50 images in one frame, the idea originates from the days of film when prior to selecting the best images from a shoot the negative strips would be placed side by side onto photographic paper in the darkroom a sheet of glass placed on top and then exposed to the light from an enlarger, the exposed photographic paper would then be developed, fixed, rinsed and dried and with the help of a loupe you would be able to markup the contact sheet with the selects for future printing.

Ours follow the same concept only that each image is individually printed, floated then framed making a sensational collection for a moment in time that can never be repeated.

The Floating Contact Sheet is the perfect solution if you want to have as many images from your shoot on the wall at home but you don’t live in a warehouse with enormous gallery walls.

Big pictures, as well as collections of individually framed images and, I am bound to say, the Floating Contact Sheets all work extremely well in a kitchen-diner, I always imagine that big white wall next to the dining table which is perfect for our (your) photographs.

A big Floating Contact Sheet works well on a landing as does a big single image but you could also put a collection in a square shape ie. four small, 2 above each other.

Bedrooms are really a perfect space for our images and you can go to town here, just think how gratifying it is to have these beautiful pictures of your children looking at their best, there before you, especially when they are keeping you awake at night!!!!!

Really Big...does what it says on the tin...

Really Big...does what it says on the tin...

For the really groovy playroom, we have installed three 'Really Big' framed images and my oh my wow!

The living room is probably the last choice but it really depends on what kind of style it is... Contemporary? amazing, our stuff looks just mighty fine in modern surroundings, less contemporary? more of a mix? the decision of frame is important here, again we can help you at the viewing stage.

Our pictures need not hang on a wall, they can stand on a low table and lean against the wall in a kind of insouciant way...

Whatever you do please take the time to consider what would look good, send us images of the areas you want to decorate with photographs and if we can we will make suggestions.

It is difficult to go wrong but much better to get it just right, first time.