Can I change my child's outfit during the shoot?

Primarily you should know that we have an hour to achieve what we want to achieve, we don't do makeup or hair and wardrobe... we expect you to turn up looking spic and span all ready for the photo-session.

You will see at the viewing appointment why not changing half way through the shoot is important: amongst the pictures, we will show you are sequences of images, beautiful little moments between siblings or with parents. Sometimes we can pull a pictures taken at the beginning of the session to insert into a sequence at the end of a shoot, if the child is wearing a different outfit, that just will not work.

child portraits

Just recently in a photoshoot, parents changed their young toddler out of a shirt that was just too big for him into one that fitted perfectly, ALL the pictures in the big shirt were dumped by them at the viewing, and some of those were really lovely. 

Rather than concentrate on changes of clothing, really think about one outfit that is well fitting, chic and just looks really good on your child, if you are not sure which is best, please bring a choice to the studio and we will help you choose the best one.

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