Why come back without the children for the viewing?

The shoot is for all of you, the viewing is not.

Our viewing room can comfortably accommodate a couple possibly even three adults, the room is set up with many examples of framed images, our product line. It isn't designed to entertain children.

I cannot tell you how many parents at the end of their viewing have turned to me and thanked me for that bit of advice, they say: "If the children had been here it would have been a nightmare".

If you are confident that your children are happy to sit reading or playing on an iPad for 90 minutes then you will not have any problems, BUT I have seen viewing appointments reduced to hair pulling frustrating exercises, and such a shame, the parents unable to concentrate.

Nousha family photographer London

Another bit of advice -  be very careful of young teenage girls and boys they have very different views of what a good photograph is! I have seen some extraordinarily beautiful images ditched because they don't like their hair or their shirt was creased, their criteria for choosing a good image is very different to that of a parent and anyway, they will thank you when they start helping themselves to pictures when they move into their first home.

It comes down to this, the pictures are for you the parents and it should be you who choose them.