Why is a family photo shoot expensive?

The answer is relative, we are expensive to some and not to others. Why is a Mcdonald's Big Mac hamburger £2.99 but similar at Honest Burger around a tenner? Because it's not comparable, I prefer the burger at Honest Burger, it looks and tastes way better than the one I can get at Mcdees and for that reason, I am prepared to pay three times as much for it.

From day one at Nousha Photography my professional ethics have been applied to what we do, everything we do is as I would want it for myself.

Child portraiture Nousha Photography

Our two photographers have been personally trained by me and I will not let them loose on you until I am certain they will be able to handle situations in the same or similar way that I will.

Experience in this business is key and the ability to get on with anyone is also very important.You will find our photographers to be very skilled and able people, but they have a job to do and they will tell you as much!

The equipment we use is all top notch, our Canon 5D Mark 4 is the latest iteration of the most successful DSLR they have ever made, the lens is also Canon, camera and lens cost in the region of £5,000.

The lighting, though minimal is of the highest order, you cannot buy better than the ProPhoto lighting we use which is about £15,000.

child portraiture Nousha Photography

Please do not ignore the lovely studio in the heart of Clapham. Most of our competitors do not have a studio and will photograph you in a local park or in your home. [Don’t ever mention business rates to Claire unless you want to hear her complaining for half an hour!].

All the computers we work on are Apple, for critical retouching work we use special screens selected for their quality at the factory in Japan, the screens are about £2,000 each - we have four.

Child portraiture Nousha Photography

It is essential to have a robust backup routine, we store your images on four fully independent servers, not quite the equivalent of a Boeing Dreamliner 787 but close :-) Your images are edited, cropped and adjusted by four experts in the run up to your viewing appointment, that preparation takes the equivalent of three days to complete.

When you come to the viewing appointment you will be made comfortable in an air conditioned room with a massive screen and shown your images and offered coffee or tea! (No wine, sorry...)

Child portraiture Nousha Photography

When you order framed images from us they are all handmade and constructed to archival standards in our framing workshop in Battersea. They are printed on Hahnemuhle paper which costs over £200 per roll using a Canon printer which costs over £10,000. We may print the same image multiple times to ensure it is perfect before it is framed by our master framer who has over 20 years experience.

We do not think we are expensive.