Why we ask for no logos on clothes.

We had a period when families would turn up to their photoshoot in jeans and t-shirts, the jeans were all made by diesel and the T-shirts all proclaimed either a football team, the word 'Gap' (I know I know), Nike, Superdry and for some reason a proliferation of Hyundai t-shirts...The very worst of all is children wearing football strip, please nooooooooooo

Unfortunately, when you wear clothing with logos, the logo does its job beautifully for the manufacturer, the focus changes in a strong portrait, your eye inevitably goes to the logo/design at some point when really your eye should have no distraction whatsoever other than enjoying the brilliant imagery - not being advertised to!

My advice is really only concerning massive logos that are almost impossible to retouch out of a picture, the little Ralph Lauren polo pony type logo is easily removed, you need not concern yourself with those.

Just keep in mind that the fewer logos the better if you can, if it's not possible then we will do our best to have them removed on the images you choose to buy from us, as we have done in these examples.