Women's Day - Jane Bown

jane-bown-self-portrait-c1986 800x600.jpg

Jane Bown

Our line of business boasts many great creative minds, female creative minds whose powerful influence in the photographic world we applaud.

As a young photographer who was endlessly impressed by motor-driven long-lensed macho like heavy equipment, I recall standing in a crowded press pen somewhere only to be gently but forcefully nudged by an elderly lady with one single Olympus camera (no motor drive), she was grey-haired and wore a very smart houndstooth overcoat, unlike our all-weather gear, she seemed rather gentille.

The typical reaction to anyone barging into your space on such occasions, is, to be frank, rather less than polite!

But on seeing this lady, I gracefully gave way and allowed her a portion of my space, little did I know that she was the celebrated Jane Bown, one of the great photographic portraitists of our time.

My father's picture agency used to represent her work, some of which you can see here Jane Bown at Camera Press and a trailer to a delightful documentary about her is here.