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Are digital files included with frames?

We consider the digital negatives as separate products for a good reason.Following your family photo shoot, you will come to your viewing appointment and we hope you will choose to buy some photographs from us. We sell a variety of framed printed photographs and the digital negatives.

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Retouching images, what's possible?

When it comes to retouching, our philosophy is less is more. Retouching = Photoshopping. Yes, that brand name is now a verb (you know you've made it when your company name becomes a verb). We often get asked 'Can you Photoshop that? ' and the answer is usually yes.

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How long is a family photo shoot?

We allow up to an hour for your shoot, if it all goes wrong we will stop at the hour and arrange a reshoot which is generally successful, the most re-shoots we have had to do were 4 and that has happened only once in the past nine years. We work fast in the shoot, the aim is to entertain!

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Why we ask for no logos on clothes.

We had a period when families would turn up to their photoshoot in jeans and t-shirts, the jeans were all made by diesel and the T-shirts all proclaimed either a football team, the word 'Gap' (I know I know), Nike, Superdry and for some reason a proliferation of Hyundai t-shirts...

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What to think about when booking

Is, what is the best time of day for your children? Trust me I'm a photographer...we find ourselves in the unusual position of seeing many thousands of families with their children, a pattern emerges. We try to convince parents to stick to this one (and only) rule. If your child is no longer

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Is there a best age?

Really there is only one rule for us at Nousha Photography and that is your child should be able to sit unaided, usually around 5 or 6 months, why you may ask? Your sweet-smelling little new bundle of wonder (your baby) has not yet developed the necessary facial muscles to express itself in the

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