Are digital files included with frames?

We consider the digital negatives as separate products for a good reason.Following your family photo shoot, you will come to your viewing appointment and we hope you will choose to buy some photographs from us. We sell a variety of framed printed photographs and the digital negatives.

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The importance of quality paper and inks.

This is my bugbear, it haunts me... the amount of money we spend on paper and ink each month is eye watering. It is possible to use cheap paper to print photographs onto, you may not be surprised to hear that this cheap paper is not as good as the more expensive type, but why?

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Retouching images, what's possible?

When it comes to retouching, our philosophy is less is more. Retouching = Photoshopping. Yes, that brand name is now a verb (you know you've made it when your company name becomes a verb). We often get asked 'Can you Photoshop that? ' and the answer is usually yes.

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Nousha Loves: Canon

The interminable search for the pocketable camera for a photographer such as myself is a never-ending excuse to spend yet more money on toys (photographers terminology for cameras and lenses). I have been through them all, I have a box full of them, they all still work but just never quite did

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