Child Photography

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Nousha are specialists in child photography. We love working with kids, chatting with them about what they like, seeing them interact with their siblings and photographing it all. 

Our photographers take the time to ensure every child feels comfortable and happy, no matter their temperament or special requirements. That is how we get the best photographs.

When working with children, photography isn’t always easy - any parent with a camera phone knows that! Kids love to move around, pull faces and perform, but we encourage that! The more at home your child feels, the better the pictures. Nousha are experts and have years of experience producing stunning black and white portraits. Every child comes out of the photoshoot excited, happy and wanting to do it again!

Believe it or not, we’ve had parents telling us that when they ask their child what they want to do this weekend, they say ‘go back to Nousha!’.

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Older Children’s Photography

We don’t just work with little children; your family is precious no matter how big they grow!

Surprisingly, we love working with teenagers (honestly). It requires a very different approach to the one we use with the little ones. Some teenagers come expecting the worst. We put ourselves in their position, having been forced by their parents to attend a family portrait shoot and wear clothing they dislike, and can see why it might be interpreted as less than ‘cool’ - you might agree. 

But they always come around! Once you've headed upstairs to enjoy a coffee or flick through a magazine, they have a habit of relaxing and enjoying the whole experience.

These mini adults sometimes come to us grumpy, sullen, self-conscious and uncooperative (not always, we'd like to add!). They leave, after the shoot, bright, enthused and most importantly having really enjoyed themselves. They may not admit it!

We engage in conversation with them about what they enjoy what their dreams in life are, where they have travelled to, and even the most self-conscious relax into it. We haven’t had a negative experience yet!

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At this age, your children are just a breath away from becoming adults. Our photography captures this fantastic stage where they’re almost-grown, yet still your baby (they always will be, right!?).

Our signature portrait lends itself to this entirely. No photo shoot is complete without a photograph of your child at their most open and genuine. They’re not performing, not pulling the dreaded Instagram-worthy expressions; it’s just them. They might initially seem severe, but that’s because you’re used to their constantly shifting emotions. It’s in this portrait that you can pause and see them in a new way.

Teenagers, more than at any other stage, are establishing their identity. They try on different personalities for size, negotiate continually changing moods and eventually work out who they’re going to be. Our signature portrait cuts away the artificial and leaves a study of the complexity of who your child is becoming - and who they will always be.

These are some of our favourite child photography photos because they reveal something new every time you look.

child photography of two teenage girls

Black and White Child Photography

You’ll probably have noticed that we work in black and white for all our children’s photography. This style creates the most beautiful, stylish and genuine photos that will last for decades.

When you look at an old colour photo, you could probably date it merely by the saturation and the specific colouring. These kinds of pictures don’t gain anything through age, just appear a little discoloured.

Black and white child photography, however, looks stunning no matter how many years pass. We want you to come back because your children are older, not the style of the photographs! Customers who return a few years later always comment on how their first set of photos still look stunning - they just want more!

Portrait of child in white shirt

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